My name is Laciné Sawadogo, founder and head of NEEED. I would like to welcome you to our website.

NEEED is an organisation to help alphabetize children of north of Burkina Faso (former Obervolta).

In order to read more information on NEEED use the links above.

Our employees and all of our godchildren would appreciate if you help support our goal to alphabetize a large number of children, not only ideally but also financially.


Laciné Sawadogo



Most recent information

  • School year 2005 – 2006 started on September, 12th 2005
  • Thanks to donations and NEEED's activity we were able to enrol 1020 children in our school
  • From this year on there is also a High School for children attending schools of the NEEED-project. It was inagurated on 1st of October 2005.
  • The yearly ceremony of handing - over was held this year as well
  • At the moment 170 godfathers support the NEEED project, who make it possible that at least one child can go to school for six years.